Friday, February 27, 2015

technological expertise

My lovely bride sits upstairs, working with two of her friends on a budget for an organization for which she serves as treasurer.  She has worked on this budget for two days, frustrated at times, bemused at times, and downright upset at times.  Just as she was on the cusp of completion, she realized that in her tumultuous workings, she had thrown away a form she needed to complete the task.  Enter the technological expert, little Billy.  For 20 some years I taught students to manipulate manuscripts using all sorts of techniques.  Falling back on that expertise, I solved her problem for her.  Thankfully, she had a copy of last year's form.  Using delete and cut and paste, I was able to produce for her a document that could be used this year.  It's all in the skill set.

Ain't technology grand?  Know you are loved!

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