Thursday, February 19, 2015

Half the fun is...

I've never bought into this bon mot!  Getting there is usually a hassle!  Of what do I speak, you ask?  Our summer trip is booked.  In June we will be traveling to Argentina and Brazil, where the end result (should we survive the hikes prior to) will be Iguazu Falls.  The trip requires transportation.  Not fun.  Thank god for Miss Julie!  We do have air transportation.  The trip requires visas.  Not fun.  I just sent off our passports to have our Brazilian visas attached, and I am never happy to have them somewhere other than in the possession of mi esposa.  Not to mention the three plus hours of time it took to get everything ready.  There are families that will continue to dine thanks to the cost of bureaucracy!  Then, of course, there's the packing to which I am not looking forward.  Okay, that's a bit in the distance, but since I'm complaining, I thought I would through it in.  The only exciting thing is the anticipation of spending quality time with quality friends in a place we have not been.  Priceless!  And since we are traveling together, maybe a little bit more fun!  Wherever we are, know you are loved!

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