Friday, February 13, 2015

four eyes

For forty plus years, I wore glasses.  Gladly.  According to most authorities (including the induction center in Fargo), without them I could be considered legally blind.  I never thought about it.  They were necessary and they were there!  Then, St. Thompson appeared on the scene.  Slice and dice, and I was glassless.  What an amazing experience.  Oh, things were never quite 20/20, but they were so close I had no trouble existing with the wind in my eyes and no frost-over coming in from outside.  Age.  Cataracts.  Another surgery, with an appending laser zap, and I could once again see.  Granted, at times, twice of everything, but only when the eyes were tired.  Enter the next pair of glasses.  St. Weiss lined me up.  Of course, I'm not sure they will be used frequently.  Only when I'm not pleased with two of everything.  Late night.  Early morning.  There are limits to how often they will be worn.  But when necessary, they are there!  So to Vance and Melanie, my everlasting thanks.  You've made it easier to see the ones I love! 

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