Sunday, February 22, 2015

The basement kitchen

No doubt, if you are an avid reader, you have heard mention of the basement kitchen.  It is a god send.  Mainly because when I don't want to clean it up, I don't, because no one is going to see it.  If time is of the essence, it sometimes accumulates dishes.  Such was the discovery today.  Pie dishes.  Bread dishes.  Dish dishes.  With deviant fervor, I attack.  Now understand, I believe in multi-tasking, so whilst I am fervently dismantling the mess in the kitchen, I likewise am doing laundry.  It's a good combination.  I can ascertain the level of my slovenliness by the number of loads I can finish before the dishes are done and put away.  This was a two and a half load cleaning.  Not my worst.  Certainly not my best.  But the feeling of satisfaction in completing two tasks is amazing!  And people complain about the frigid air precluding any desire to be outside.  Life is good, and you are loved!

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