Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Preparing the speech

3:00 am.  I awoke with the realization that the credit card bill that had come in the mail yesterday had not been processed.  I thoroughly believe that if something is keeping your mind occupied preventing sleep, you should do something about it...if you can.  I could!  Down to the basement to the computer and the bill paying program.  Of course, by the time I had done the thing, I was pretty much awake for the day, so I decided to do a little prep work for the two speeches on Thursday and Friday.  The first is to an unknown audience of indeterminate numbers and backgrounds.  I will be speaking the the attendees of the Miner County farm and home show.  I am somewhat trepidous to speak to an organization that has ready access to fruits and vegetables for throwing, but if they decide they don't like what I say, there's always salad to be made!  The second speech is to the joint assembly of the state math and science teachers.  Ah yes, my specialties!  I took 15 credits of German to avoid 4 credits of math in college, and while I do hold a Bachelor of Science degree and could ostensibly teach science, I still nurse the acid burns of my high school chemistry class.  Of course, the burns are healed, but the mortification lingers.  But a BS degree somehow seems appropriate.  Now, in the shank of the evening, I do my best to keep my eyes open, hoping to stay alert enough to transfer from the recliner to the bed at the appropriate time.  Ah, the struggles I have to endure!  I shall report back as to the speaking endeavors.  But rest assured, the scientific method, coupled with the mathematical theorems I remember prove that you are loved!

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