Monday, February 23, 2015

Tick Tock

I believe it was our first measurable purchase.  We had saved all the money that we had received for gifts and purchased a fine mantle clock.  Chimed every quarter hour.  Pealed the hours.  It was good.  Then, it wasn't.  Some thirty years later, it started being less accurate.  It started being a bit fussy.  And then, in the last year, it kind of started not starting.  After checking with a local jeweler, he suggested a clock repairman in Ortonville.  Road trip.  Met Craig.  Great guy.  Explained what was probably wrong.  Not fixable with any reliability or longevity.  Simply needed to replace the entire movement.  Okay.  Bit the bullet, and the clock now waits for his expertise.  Of course, since it hasn't worked for a year, we probably won't miss its absence.  On our way home, we stopped to see good friends.  He's fighting a hideous disease.  She's doing everything she can.  It truly struck home: how so very valuable this thing called time is.  Relish it.  Celebrate it.  Use it wisely to spread good.  And always, always, always tell the people you love that you do.  Tick tock.

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