Monday, February 16, 2015


Have you ever stopped to consider the impact your choice of personal relationships has on your life?  On this, the celebration of mi esposa's natal day, it seemed a natural thing to do.  And since it's her day, let's start with her.  Economically, she has saved me from ruin.  Philosophically, she has moderated my impressions.  Psychologically, she has given me the support I would have found no where else. Emotionally, she has moderated my highs and lows...notice I said moderated, not eliminated!  Finally, she loves me.  And after 41+ years, her impact is measurable!
Then, there are friends.  As a child, at times the plural of this word would have been extremely inaccurate.  I was neither popular nor rebellious.  I just was.  But I was unbelievably loyal as a friend.  To me, attachments were lifelong promises.  Sometimes they were.  Sometimes, not.  Since I have aged, I have carefully chosen my friends, based on several criteria.  First and foremost, they had to accept who I am.  Trying to change me just doesn't work.  Second, they had to know that I would not try to change them.  Third, we had to share an ethic of honesty and compassion.  And it didn't hurt if they accepted my off colored jokes!  I have amazing choice.  (For some reason, I was lost in the nether world of my being today and it came to me.  The only difference between friend and fiend is who we "R"!)
So, the question becomes a proposal.  Before you sleep tonight, why not contact one of those friends and tell them you love them!  What an impact that would have!

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