Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday evening winding down

It's always been there.  And I'm not sure I can explain it.  After any major event.  That indescribable feeling of something.  The event is over.  I miss the time preparing.  I miss the adrenaline jolt during the event.  I miss the people involved.  It's a loneliness.  Even though I am not alone.  It will pass.  It will pass because the next event looms on the horizon.  There will be more preparation.  There will be more jubilation.  There will be more exhilaration.  I look at life and am amazed at my fortune.  I have amazing and loving wife...a family that always makes me smile...lifelong friends...and a support system unequaled. And yet...for a few brief moments...I am totally alone.  Rev. Zemic scared me as a child.  Okay--a teenager.  As we were painting the church basement, we fell into an easy discussion of religious tenets.  Heaven.  Hell.  I was 15.  There might be a heaven, but I didn't buy the fire and brimstone stuff.  As I recall, it was winter, and heat didn't scare me.  He did.  He told me Hell was eternal solitude.  I believe him.  Perhaps this feeling serves as a reminder of what I have.  And believe me, it's heaven!  Thanks for listening.  For that, and so much more, you are loved!

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