Thursday, December 5, 2013

A big bunch of fluffy pink frosting

It wasn't that long ago.  I was a senior in high school.  (Quit that doesn't seem so long!). Senior English class.  Mr. Paulson.  The question at hand?  The movie "The Sound of Music".  One of us thought it was stunning...a cinematic masterpiece, and an instant classic. One of us was the fluffy frosting proponent.  As the obviously former proponent, I giggle, I laugh, in fact I guffaw as I watch the live broadcast of frosting some 45 years later!  It still makes me happy!  The music is timeless.  The story, contrived, sappish, and somewhat trite, but oh how it can make me smile.  Truly, one of my favorite things!  After all, isn't it the frosting on the cake that which makes us most pleased?  Know that do, re, mi shall echo in this room tonight, and you are loved.

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