Wednesday, December 4, 2013

be careful what you wish for

I admit it. I knew I was playing with fire.  But I took a chance.  It seemed so inconsequential.  Just a little snow to make the trees look good.  They do.  I think.  If I could see them.  Seems as how the little snow was more than just a little and it brought its good and true friend, the north wind with it.  What was a beautiful South Dakota White Christmas tableau has turned into a holy crap it's cold and slippery reality!  Ah well, in just four (five?) short months, it will probably start to melt and allow the grass to turn the trees will look good.  Until then, I will channel my ancestors who homesteaded in the western part of North Dakota, hunker down, have an occasional adult beverage, and listen to Christmas carols...all but "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas!"  Stay safe.  Stay warm. And know you are loved!

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