Thursday, December 26, 2013


It was lunch Christmas Eve.  It was supper Christmas.  It was lunch today.  Can you say over prepared?  I guess I really didn't need that many meatballs, that much dressing, that many mashed potatoes!  But the amazing thing is, they still tasted good.  I'm not sure whether they were that good or it meant I didn't have to prepare anything for three days!  Funny.  I really am not a leftover kind of guy usually.  One time...good.  Two times?  I don't think so.  Maybe old age has changed me?  Maybe I'm just getting lazy.  And maybe, I finally figured out what I've been missing!  Now the burning question is, what should I fix for New Year's Eve...Day...the month of January...?  Whatever it is, it will be eaten with the knowledge that you make every day a smorgasbord, and you are loved!

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