Friday, December 20, 2013

They call it

Winter Wonderland, and it's not hard to find.  Head out on highway 20 and turn where every other car is turning!  What an amazing display of Christmas lights.  What should be sensory overload is actually very well arranged and presented!  It's well worth the trip out there!  Now of course, if you don't live in Watertown, South Dakota, you may find the trip a little extensive for a light show.  Come instead for the Redlin Center.  Come instead to see the Goss Opera House and the Mellette House.  Come for the ice fishing and/or boating.  Come for the amazing people and the hospitable welcome.  Heck, if you're in the mood, come for the fudge!  We'll quite literally leave the lights on for least Friday through Sunday for the next two weeks!  May the spirit that is Christmas light up your world and may you find peace in the fact that you are loved!

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