Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday morning realities

Sometimes it's just better not to know.  We're on cat patrol.  Wish you could meet Mac.  He is an amazing feline who has no trouble letting me know I'm a bit slow when it comes to getting the food out!  He's also amazingly generous!  However...not the point.  I decide the best way to feed Mac today is to multi-task.  So I put on our (I have been told I am usurping this device!) Balaclava, my long woolies, and I run from our house to his.  GORGEOUS morning.  Fresh fallen snow, bright sun, brilliant sky, bracing (now that has to be the kindest thing I've ever said) breeze from the north.  Mac, as always, is waiting for sustenance.  Feed and water.  Head out the door to run home.  Add a couple blocks just because I plan on eating a lot today.  Get home, proud and smelly (need to change choice of deodorant).  Only then do I look at the mini and discover the feels-like temperature is -22 degrees.  Holy excrement, Batman!  I obviously come from hearty (albeit somewhat foolish) stock!  Had I known before I started, I may not have started.  But I survived, ran off some calories, and have a blogging topic.  Not all bad for a Sunday morning reality check!  New week.  New excitement.  New challenges.  Really old holiday.  May it bring you peace, joy and the knowledge that you are loved!

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