Monday, December 23, 2013

Weighty observation

Following the celebratory bacchanalia called the Christmas/New Year's eating frenzy, it will obviously be time to recolor.  But who among us wants to say no to treats that appear but once a year?  The spritz cookies alone will add girth.  Couple them with the popcorn balls, the caramels, the freshly baked scones, and any other vessel in which you can heavily lade quantities of butter, and it may well take all of 2014 just to return to pre-Thanksgiving form.  I understand it is a choice, and I know which one I am making.  In my estimation, a year of atonement is a small price to pay to titillate my taste buds!  There is one delicious aspect of this season that will add no poundage and yet facilitate smiles, nods, and an occasional grin, and that is the knowledge that you are loved!

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