Friday, December 27, 2013


The dreaded Christmas letter--that epistle dedicated to catching everyone up on things of which they have no interest but are polite enough to read!  Oh, how I used to complain and eschew them.  Then, some years ago, I discovered they really do serve a purpose, so the Zubke Christmas letter.  Now, I would take the impersonal to its obvious conclusion and post this year's letter on line!  If you care not a rat's rump for the annual update, quit reading now.  If you are the least curious, read on!  I guarantee you, it's short!

Gullibles' Travels?  Music to our ears!

Actually, we learned lions are really nocturnal, so most appropriately, the lion sleeps today!  Zambia was breathtaking.  As innocent as we were, we have discovered we were too stupid to be scared, but wise enough to be overwhelmed with the wildlife, the scenery, and the people.  Contrary to popular opinion (mine) 36 hours to get there wasn’t extreme!  If you enjoy the picture above, we will be glad to show you the 1200 others we have culled from five cameras (over 3000 pictures), seldom out of hand.  It was the trip of a lifetime!

(Sing or hum here...The Lion Sleeps Tonight) 


All aboard the geezer bus!  South Dakota Retired Teachers, under the auspices of Pat and Annette, took off on our annual Geezer Bus Kansas City.  Let’s face it, old people rock.  While there, we saw Dyan Cannon (speaking of geezers...hope I look that good at her age!) in the play “Fox on the Fairway”.  Ask sometime about her story of peeing on Cary Grant’s leg!
(Sing or hum here...We're Going to Kansas City)

Back on the bus!  This time, with a Riley Tour Group sponsored by KXLG to Branson!  Our virginal pilgrimage to the land of infinite music.  Absolutely phenomenal group, amazing music, and a winery and a diner that just couldn’t be beat!  Even Danny Boy liked my fudge!
  (Sing or hum here...Oh Danny Boy)

Insert your picture here!

Beyond a doubt, the Gullible’s have seen and done, but nothing can compare to the friends we have!  Have an amazing New Year and know you are loved!  

(Stand, as is the custom and loudly extol...)


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  1. I happen to enjoy Christmas letters, even if i don't always remember what is in them. I enjoy catching up since the last letter. Where is your next geezer trip?