Friday, December 13, 2013

As the shepherd says, it's all about ewe!

Let me describe you.  You are a relative, a friend, a former student, a guardsperson, a teacher, a parent, or a complete stranger that has wandered this way out of curiosity and/or boredom.  It doesn't matter.  You are an important part of the world!  You have taught so many lessons.  You are kind to everyone you meet.  You are amazingly generous when it comes to helping those less fortunate than yourself.  You are brilliant, witty, charming, insightful, gregarious, and at times, introspective.  By nature, you may be related, and you have consistently set family above all else.  By choice, you are a friend, who has been nothing but supportive, consoling, and inspiring.  By chance you are a former student who taught as much or more than you learned about life and love. Thank God you might be a guardsperson who has given your time, your energy, and your life to seeing to it that existence for all is good.  Teacher?  Don't for a moment think that it is unnoticed what you do, or say.  If not for you, there would be chaos!  And if you are a parent, you have the largest responsibility in the world.  You must teach your child to be kind, generous, brilliant, witty, charming, insightful, gregarious, and even introspective.  Psychologists say the hardest thing in the world is to admit your strengths.  God forbid someone would think you egotistical.  So someone has to do it for you.  YOU make life an adventure worth pursuing.  YOU make living a truly exceptional experience.  YOU are responsible for inciting laughter when necessary, tears when appropriate, and emotions to balance a life.  And if you fall into that nebulous category (curious and/or bored), you've found a home and a friend you didn't know you had!  Bless each of YOU!  Thank each of YOU!  And always know that YOU are loved!

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