Tuesday, December 10, 2013

it's in the oven

so...my favorite wife has circle tomorrow, and has to provide a coffee cake.  Simple, says I.  How about an almond pound cake (my newest favorite of all time desserts)?  This is totally acceptable to her.  But then, I just happen to open Facebook (like thirty times a day!) and as I'm voyeurizing, I notice this recipe called caramel roll cake.  The picture is amazing--sort of a combination of a glazed donut and an apple fritter (whose only redeeming feature is...well...it really doesn't have one!  There usually aren't even enough apples in it to claim it as a fruit!  But there are enough carbohydrates and fat to call it a meal!)  But I digress. So I combine the sugar, flour baking powder, salt, eggs, and milk, and slowly add the melted butter as the directions suggest.  (Please notice, I say suggest.  Sometimes I head these suggestions, but usually, not so much!)  I turn it into my prepared cake pan and am about to add the topping when out of the blue, a voice from the nether world whispers in my ear...what about those two teaspoons of vanilla?  Scrape it out of the pan.  Wash and prepare the pan again.  Add the two teaspoons of vanilla and back into the prepared pan.  Then, I mix up the caramel topping.  Two sticks of butter.  1 cup of brown sugar.  A little flour and a lot of cinnamon.  Drop evenly over the top of the cake.  Right!  Globs here and there...some big..some not so very.  Then it's swirl with a knife.  This I can do.  I swirl.  And swirl!  And swirl, until there's a little topping on most of the cake.  And that's where we are now.  In eleven minutes and fifty-five seconds, I will remove it from the oven and check for done-ness (insert toothpick into center--if it comes out clean it might be done!)  Then, to make the low calorie dessert even more appealing, I will cover the top with a powdered sugar glaze while the cake is still warm.  Who knows, I may even add a little cream cheese to the glaze.  You can NEVER go wrong with cream cheese!
At this point, there are three things I know.  1) I should quit looking at recipes in Facebook.  I don't need the calories, but 2) when I make something new, I want to be at a place where I can share it so I don't have to devour the evidence myself if it doesn't meet expectations, and 3) it ain't leaving for circle tomorrow until I have taste tested it!  Who knows, they may be eating pound cake yet!
Here's the point.  I've never been afraid to try new recipes, or new things.  As I am want to say in my presentations, failure is an event, it is not a label.  If the cake doesn't work, I have something I know will.  And if all else fails, there are always apple fritters as Casey's!  Embrace change and adventure.  It makes life interesting.  And know you are loved!

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