Saturday, December 7, 2013

My kind of send off

I don't like funerals.  There's the obvious having to say good bye thing.  Not good at those.  There's
 the usual capsulated life view...however many years in a three minute obituary.  Not a fan of those.  There's the constant reminder of eternal sleep called a casket.  Really?  Like I need a reminder. Then there are the obligatory solemn songs, sung in dirge tempo.  Obviously not my choice.  But today?  To say goodbye to Diane?  None of that crap!  Start with a pianist who understands glory.  Enjoy an ufda moment with Ron that captured the heart of the woman.  Understand that just as in life, Diane was in control of the experience.  It 's only right.  And then send us on our way with toe tapping familiar hymns and gospel music.  Never have I left a funeral with such a huge smile on my face or tear in my eye.  You see, Diane knew how to live, and made sure she left her goodbye in great hands. I loved her spirit in life.  I love her spirit in death.  And to those of you who would read this, know that you too are loved!

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  1. Only the Trio could do that...make you leave with a smile on your face and your toes tapping. So glad I got to say goodbye before I left...