Tuesday, December 17, 2013

cleaning is over-rated

It was that time once again.  Somehow, someone has been in my kitchen in the basement and has steadfastly refused to clean up after himself.  There were dishes from making cookies.  There were dishes from making pie.  There were baking pans on the counter.  There were pots and pans in the sink.  There were numerous measuring devices strewn hither and yon throughout the morass.  In short, whoever was here is a pig!  (And no, all men are not!)  Since I had to make a casserole for my lovely espoused to take to PEO (well actually she said she would make it, but I didn't want her to see the kitchen!), I decided whilst it baked I could clean a little.  Okay...a lot!  It rests now in a state as close to pristine as it will ever get, if I am in charge!  There are no dirty dishes.  There is counter space.  The floor is no longer covered by the five pounds of flour I dropped while opening it (see Facebook post today!).  In short, if you were to see it, you might be willing to eat something that came from it!  Now here's the thing.  I need to make dessert for tomorrow night.  That means starting all over again.  And cleaning again.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is the true definition of a vicious cycle (and one I'm not happy to ride!).  But, in the interest of health and marital bliss, I will do my cooking (for me) and my cleaning (for her) and wait for the next onslaught!  I suppose I should consider it a positive.  It gives my life purpose.  Yeah, right!  Resignedly yours...and know you are loved!

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