Sunday, December 8, 2013

Better than anyone else

All my life (and that's a few years!) I've searched for that one thing I can do better than anyone else.  In music, I could play the baritone with some adroitness.  In fact I sat first chair.  Second chair in all-state band!  I was the best--at least in our high school..until young Tom came along, and he could play circles around me!  Alas. But there was choir.  I could shine there.  Until young Chuck came along with a better range and better tonal quality.  Alas.  Then there was theatre.  Best supporting actor, until Jack came along.  Alas and alack!  You get the drift.  As I aged, I continued to search.  I could teach, but found several who did it better.  I could cook, but found several who could do it better.  I could speak, but know there are those who do it better.
I can make fudge.  In fact, I believe I can make fudge better than anyone else.  My fudge is world renowned.  Literally!  My niche!  Until someone comes along who does it better.  But you know what?  That will be okay.  Really!  Because there is no one who can do me better than me.  Like you, I am a unique amalgam of my experiences...a so so musician, performer, educator, cooker, speaker who makes the best darn fudge in the world kind of guy.  The kind of guy who appreciates his friends, loves living the life that is given him, and wants you to understand that you too are the best you there is.  And because of who and what you are, my best loves your best!  Go figure!

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