Monday, December 16, 2013

Things I learned in college...

When over-imbibing for the first time, do not do it in the back seat of a car, in the rain, out in the country near a plowed field.  When one gets out to release some of the consumed beer, one gets mired in the mud and tracks acres of said mud into the back seat of the car.  Driver not happy.

When over-imbibing for the first time, do NOT do it the night before parents' night.  Said parental units like buffets, and even though eating is NOT on your list of things to do, they expect that you do, so to not raise suspicion, you eat.  Not happy!

When your parental units tell you at Christmas they knew you were suffering with a hang-over and thought the buffet might be a good lesson, they do not have to die!

It is possible to run from a room on seventh floor Nelson Hall (referred to by residents as Neumeier's last erection--last building built under President Neumeier's reign!) to the Center for the Arts and back clad only in your tidy whities at night in the middle of a blizzard.  Obviously, the above mentioned lesson didn't work!

When asked to experience something (anything) and report back, sitting in a man-hole for 30 minutes with your eyes shut because one is claustrophobic is a bit extreme

Just because one man (who is an "expert") thinks you don't have talent, it isn't necessarily true.  No one person should be able to step on your dreams.

Just because one woman has faith in your abilities and shows that she loves her job and her students doesn't mean you will become a teacher, but it certainly didn't hurt!

Just because the only B you get in your major is in Teaching of Speech in the Secondary Schools doesn't mean you shouldn't.  It just means there were two people in that department with their heads looking for their tonsils through their most distant opening.

It is possible to write a quarter's worth of essays in one 60 hour period without rest and still manage to pass a class.

It is possible that one gets type-cast in one's last college performance and gets to play a man who has had an unsuccessful lobotomy, is in a vegetative state except for uttering profanities, and falls out of his wheel chair at least three times (when said director only suggested it happen once!  Revenge is best served in your last semester!)

Ah, I remember it well.  The amazing thing is I survived with brain cells (not as many as when I started), an appreciation for differences of opinion (everyone hast he right to be wrong!) and a degree that allowed me to love every minutes of my career!  Hope your memories are as good, and know you are loved!

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