Sunday, December 29, 2013


Once again, it's time to unabashedly...

Blame it on years of teaching freshmen introduction to computer.  I have developed a penchant for seeing things in rebus form.  Each student was expected to create a rebus to visually depict his/her name.  Great assignment, and most entertaining.  (There...I have begun to do as the rebus suggests!)  Let me continue.  This is my 182nd consecutive blog (if you buy into the catch-up for the trip to Africa).  That would be half a year of consistently putting something on the screen.  There.  I'm done.  Actually, what I want to do is thank those of you who read it and me.  You give purpose to the process.  Likewise, I'd like you to know that I do not use the word love lightly.  When you are told you are loved, you are!  And, you are.  Let's try for another half year together, shall we?

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