Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

zoom in so quickly, I barely get over yesterday or through today!  Andy Rooney says life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.  He be right.  It seems only a little time ago we scheduled gourmet club to meet at our house.  And tomorrow, it shall.  This of course necessitates the cleaning of the house, the preparation of foodstuffs, the setting of menus, the selection of wines, and the hope that everything turns out!  Let me introduce you to our gourmet club.  We are six couples (of whom we are the senior members!  In fact 6 of the 12 members are former students!) who have widely diverse schedules and one couple no longer lives in commuting distance.  But yet we try to meet six times a year.  And have for over 14 years.  You can eat a lot of food in 14 years.  You can see a lot of changes in 14 years.  Kids grow up, leave home, become amazing young adults and live (at least for a time) all over the world.  I remember fondly some time ago teaching the whole cadre of youth the Macarena! (Nobody said I had to be a good influence!)  Now, I'm sure they could teach me a thing or two.  Then there are the parental units.  They're a little older, a little slower, and a little closer thanks to our "club"!  We laugh a lot when we're together.  We eat, at times, interesting things.  Not everything has been a palate pleaser.  Not everything has been easy to fix or contained easily found ingredients.  Sometimes, the wine is the winner!  Drink enough of that and the rest is all good.  But it is the company that makes the difference.  Tomorrow's menu, for the interested, will begin with stuffed mushrooms and sauerkraut meatballs.  The entree will be turkey pot pie (not quite the Swanson type), cranberry salad, and bz's "best buns in town!"  (Running does pay off!)..  Dessert (always worth waiting for) will be a light offering...of bread pudding with caramel sauce!  Okay.  I get it.  It's not "gourmet" in tone.  What it is is "comfort" in tone, sort of like the time we spend together.  We will enjoy the food.  We will enjoy each other's company, and for a few hours, we won't worry about what tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow might bring.  Bon Appetit!  And know you are loved!

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  1. "My" gourmet group organized the fall of 1976 when the other Welcome Wagon Gourmet group was full. We have been meeting since. members have changed over the years, but a core of 4 has been together since the beginning. We don't meet near as often, and now we often go out to eat. But it is the togetherness/companionship that brings us together. In fact you once cooked for us.