Monday, December 30, 2013

Used and loved

It was in the putting away.  It struck me

a cookbook held the secret of life!  No, not the Szechwan chicken, although it really is good!  It was the state of the recipe.  It's been used.  It's not in pristine shape.  Okay, it's a little dirty.  But like all good recipes, it's been visited again and again and again.  Weight watcher points have been figured.  Soy sauce has been liberally applied.  And the cookbook opens to this page on its own!  I suppose a "proper" way to treat the cookbook would have been to use my fancy cookbook holder and keep it from spills.  But cookbooks are not about being clean.  They're not about being careful.  They're all about creating something that you can share with the people you love.  When I saw the recipe page, I realized that life was that way.  It's all about creating something you can share with the people you love!  (It's the bloody secret of life: I had to repeat it!). When I die, I will not care if my sweat pants are stained or one of my "slightly" off-colored jokes may have offended.  While I can, I want it to tell people how important they are...tell people to laugh more...tell people to make their lives make a difference...tell the people I love that they are.  To me, those are the ingredients to life.  And now the secret is out of the bag!

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