Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve, 2013

The white Christmas everyone obviously had been dreaming of has been shoveled, blown, and swept--at least off any cement in the nearby area. I have to admit, sitting in church (!) watching the snow come down and singing the traditional carols did have its Currier and Ives effect.  Getting to see people who have been too long absent in my life increased the value of the day.  Good food with family added to the overall positive glow.And the potential of curling up on the davenport with a soft throw, a good pillow, and "It's a Wonderful Life" all add to the overall aura!  We will be absent family tonight (stomach flu and my espoused met) so we celebrate alone.  We will absent family tomorrow (stomach flu and my sister met) so we will celebrate alone.  While I will miss the traditions and the fun and the noise and the heart-warming, ego soothing, inner soul heightening that always happen when you are surrounded by loved ones, I will instead spend time with the woman who makes my life complete.  To me, a win-win situation!  May you find peace in your lives, hope in your souls, and just enough sugar to make you happy!  And know you are loved.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. Bummer to the flu...hope everyone is better. NOW I understand why you ate meatballs for 3 days. LOL