Thursday, July 11, 2013

Actually, we're home!

There are things that still stir my soul.  The love of a good woman.  The closeness of family.  The import of friends.  But, let us not diminish in any way, the first tomato picked for the year.  Understand, I speak not of the cherry variety.  While they excite me, they do not stir.  I speak of the full grown, full handed, delightfully red tomato.  You can, of course, buy good carrots in the grocery store.  I prefer to buy my broccoli rather than grow it.  Cabbage?  Please--too much trouble for one head.  But tomatoes?  Oh, sweet lord, thee is NOTHING that compares to the taste of a vine-ripened, home grown tomato.  And we picked our first today!  My salivary glands have become Pavlovian.  Just looking at it starts the drooling process.  Of course, it needs a couple days to finish to its full potential, so for 48 hours I will continue to anticipate.  Makes the experience all the more sweet!  I'm thinking Sunday evening--fresh tomato--fresh cucumber--with any luck at all, fresh green beans and protein of some kind.  Maybe a left-over mini carrot cake for dessert.  All else pales, however, at the thought of the first tomato slice!  Perhaps, that's what life's about?  Deciding what's important, doing what you can to achieve it, anticipating the results, and then the event itself.  And if, god forbid, it doesn't measure up to the expectation, try again!  There's always that good woman, that family, and those friends!  They make everything a win-win!  Oh, and you are loved!

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