Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's about time!

There isn't enough of it!  Today is the perfect example.  We had to have coffee and do the puzzles.  Then there was breakfast.  That was followed by a trip to the store to buy shoes for our up-coming excursion (shoes, underwear, more shoes, sun glasses--a virtual plethora of ways to spend our money!)  Our travel agent called to say she had our final papers for the trip, so off we go to see her.  Of course, the insurance we had purchased for the trip didn't cover the airfare, so more money and that's taken care of.  Stop at Hy-vee to pick up fruit for this afternoon's dessert.  (That would be the bridge group that Cath is entertaining at 1:00).  Picked up birthday cards to send for the birthdays last week, today and tomorrow.  (Not exactly what you would call on time!)  Home!!! There were beets to be prepared for supper tonight, a lawn to be mowed, a toilet to be cleaned, and lunch to be had.  Mine?  A nutritious combination of fresh beets and lemon angel food cake!  I'm sure it covered all food groups!  Now, the coffee is brewing for the ladies, I am preparing for a bike ride to toughen my butt and soothe my psyche, and then a stop at another grocery store to pick up the things I forgot to get at the first one!  Oh, wait!  I'm forgetting the time spent before our first outing looking for my billfold.  (If I could recoup all the time I've spent looking for my billfold and cell phone, there would be more than enough time!)  Once the ladies have had their fresh cake with lemon mint, blueberries, peaches, and raspberries, all topped with whipped topping, and their hazelnut coffee, I need to get fudge made to take on our trip to Minneapolis tomorrow.  Then it's time to get supper ready for the company that's coming.  Not what you would call an a-typical day for us!  Now understand two things.  First, I am never allowed to say I don't have the time.  I have learned that we can always make time for what we want.  I may make the choice to not do something, but it isn't because the time isn't there!  Second, I really am in hog heaven.  Keeping busy is so much better than sitting around watching the lawn grow, the flowers bloom, and the dogs poop!  (Oh yeah, we had to pick that up this morning too!)  Whilst I may complain on occasion (okay, often!) I really love my life and the fact that we can do what we do.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I might, however, barter for more time!!!!!  Take a moment to remember you are loved!


  1. Aren't we lucky to have this TIME now? I LOVE retirement and the adventures it brings.