Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm sorry, Chuck

My apologies to Charles Dickens.  Wait.  Why would I apologize to the man who wrote Great Perspirations?  Oh yeah, because I'm stealing an opening line from him.  And bastardizing it.  For my own gain.  Serves him right for making me read Great Perspirations in ninth grade!  Oh, as I recall it wasn't he who forced me.  It is my ninth grade English teacher.  But to my knowledge, she never wrote anything I could steal, so...
"It was the best of times.  It was the best of times."  What an amazing Saturday.  Up and in Sioux Falls by 11:00.  Stop at Breadsmith for sour dough, jalapeno cheese bread, and a caramel roll.  Inhale the roll and deliver the bread to Jeff and Sarah.  Never mind the fact that I had just been told Jeff would be out buying bread.  That sunk in when we pulled in, unloaded the bread, and found that we had similar tastes.  Ah well, listening was never at the top of my skill list.  (Apparently, neither was comprehension, but that's a different story!)  Anyhoo, Lu shows up, we pack a picnic, and head to the Palisades state park for an afternoon of picnic feasting and hiking.  What a gorgeous day, and gorgeous place, and gorgeous friends with whom to spend quality time.  It's interesting.  We've been friends for more years than I care to admit.  We understand each others strengths and weaknesses, celebrate the former, forgive the latter and move on.  To me, if you are lucky enough to have even one friend like this, you should count yourself blessed.  To have three in one place at one time is just short of perfect.  (One never wants to reach perfection--for where is there to go after that?)  The scenery was amazing,  the conversation delightful, and the food wasn't bad, either.  Following our trip home, we feasted on chicken, salmon, and bread (go figure!) and then went to see that Prairie Rep theatre thing I talked about yesterday.  Church ladies.  What a hoot.  I was concerned with the sound system--at times it was very hard to understand the lyrics.  But the overall impact was amazing.  I love to see live theatre, and I love to see an audience this large enjoy it.  A great way to finish the day.  Up early for breakfast and a stop at Sam's.  Came out with our supplies.  Placed the key in the ignition.  Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap!  Opened the hood of the car.  Ascertained the motor was still there (the sum and substance of my mechanical automotive skill set!) and called triple A.  Of course, it was Sunday, and all the garages they supported were not open.  They did send the tow truck.  We envisioned spending another night in Sioux Falls.  Mike, the tow operator, said, "Let's check the battery."  We couldn't be that lucky.  It couldn't be that simple.  It was!  After and jump and a prayer (please dear god let us get to Watertown) we were on our way home.  You may we discern we made it.  Once home, the answering machine held a message from a woman to whom I had promised fudge--to be picked up on Saturday.  I had forgotten.  I AM a dolt.  Thankfully, one of her associates was going to Mitchell where the fudge needed to be, so it will be on its way soon!.
You are now able to understand the opening line.  It could have been ugly weather.  It could have been a horrendous play.  It could have been extreme automotive dysfunction.  It could have been apologizing for the next 10 years.  But it was grand, it was fun, it was no big deal, and it was solvable!  It was indeed, the best of times!  And you are loved!

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