Monday, July 29, 2013

ain't nature grand?

From the majestic to the smallest of features, nature has a way of inspiring the ooh's and aah's of our lives.  Amazingly the big things and the small things are capable of illiciting the same response

Our trip to Palisades State Park.  Wow!  Everywhere we went, there was the subtle reminder that we are not in charge!  None of us could have sculpted the beauty of the rocks.  None of us could have imagined a small cactus taking root in a rock.  And none of us could have created the beauty of the flowers that adorned the shores of Split Rock Creek.  What we can control is our reaction to things beyond our control.  We can enjoy them.  We can protect them.  We can understand that in the grand scheme of things, we are probably insignificant, but in the true scheme of things, we are in charge of our responses.  And there you have it--my philosophical approach to a Monday morning!  May you find the beauty that surrounds you.  May you take comfort in the knowledge that you have done what you can to protect it, and may you always know that you are loved!


  1. Still trying to work this out. Try to leave a comment if you wish!

  2. Just experienced the awesomeness of Split Rock Creek for the first time this week. (geocaching) Will get to Palisades eventually!