Friday, July 5, 2013

save your fork

Desserts for 200!  I'm in heaven!  Right now, the menu includes mini-carrot cakes, stuffed brownies, two kinds of haystack cookies, 4 kinds of fudge, and a player to be named at a later date.  Never mind the fact that we will be gone the two days before these need to be done.  Just adds to the excitement!  But as I plan the desserts, I remember my mother (it seems to happen at the strangest times!).  We (none of us) didn't like to clean silverware.  An odious task, to say the least.  So if there were dessert, it was always "save your fork".  That meant, of course, that the best was yet to come.  You have to understand, mom was a great cook.  But every once in a while....oops!  Sort of like life.  For the most part, it nourishes us, it pleases us, and it sustains us.  But every once in a while....oops!  It's at times like that I go to the silverware drawer and get a fork to remind me that what's to come may be better than what has passed.  It could be raspberry pie (yesterday's dessert--and lordy, lordy, but it was good!).  It could be lemon pie.  It could be something made with chocolate and angel food cake.  It could be fudge.  But it probably will be better than what has come before.  I think that explains the Pollyanna in me.  I always think the best is yet to come.  And every once in a while....oops.  But I hang on to that fork!  May your attitude match your best desserts, and know that you are loved!

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