Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Have you noticed life is full of them?  I, for instance, was surprised the day my first grade teacher didn't see my hand in time for me to "go" to the bathroom.  So I went where I was!  Surprise.  As a junior in high school, I was searching for the av boys for one of my teachers, walked into the debate room, and changed my life.  Surprise.  I finished college in three years.  When I enrolled, the very last thing I wanted to do with my life was teach.  Ugh.  Surprise.  Right after graduation I was hired by the largest school in North Dakota (okay, so it's not that big a deal!) and was fired.  Surprise.  After first exposure, my bride of 40 years said she could never go out with someone like me.  9 months later we were married.  Surprise.  She has stayed with me for 40 years!  Even bigger surprise!!  I can truthfully say in the 34 years of teaching, I only had ONE run in with a student that I was convinced had no socially redeeming features.  A-moral.  One out of over 14000 ain't a bad surprise!  I NEVER thought I would run for the health of it.  Running was god's punishment for leading a bad life.  Now, if I want to eat, I run!  Shock and surprise.  I'm old.  I sometimes thing bladder and sphincter control are better than that are.  Unpleasant surprise!  And last night, two of my favorite people showed up at my cooking class, registered as Thelma and Louise.  SURPRISE!  Obviously it started me thinking about those inadvertent occasions.  Sometimes, they truly can be embarrassing.  Sometimes, they can be uncomfortable.  Sometimes they can be disappointing.  But for me, the majority in retrospect have been amazingly good.  And how boring would life be without them?  So the next time I'm walking barefoot through the back yard and discover a surprise left by one of the dogs, I'm going to simply think of Thelma and Louise, and smile!  After all, feet are easier to clean than shoes!  Finally, it should come as no surprise to you....that you are loved!

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