Wednesday, July 31, 2013

These are the times that try...

My soul.  It was the article in the paper last night.  "Arming the classroom."  Let me set some parameters.  Personally, guns of any kind scare me!  They simply don't appeal to me.  I had a shotgun growing up.  I went hunting.  It was a great bonding time with my dad (the few times it happened!). But I was much more comfortable rousting the birds.  The fact that I could possibly hurt someone played a large part in this feeling.  So the gun was eventually sold and fishing became the bonding time.  I do not object to hunting.  I appreciate hunters and see no problem with owning and using a shotgun or rifle for hunting.  Pheasant chowder would not happen without the friends who hunt!  Having established that, let me ascend my soapbox.  In my estimation, there is NO reason for non-military, non- police individuals to own or use assault weapons.  They do not exist for defensive purposes.  Their very name suggests offensive action.  They do not protect...they assault (go figure!). That's my generic rant.  Now, to the specific.  Bring a gun into my school?  NO!  NEVER!  Goal number one for me was always provide a SAFE environment for learning.  The very presence of a weapon on campus does not guarantee that.  What it does is make a weapon accessible to anyone already there.  What is does is imply that guns are an answer.  They're not   I have read no studies that suggest the presence of a gun acts as a deterrent.  I have, however, read where the presence of a gun encourages its use.  Quite frankly, if I were still teaching and the school allowed a gun on campus, I would not still be teaching.
Hunt if you will.  I'll gladly cook the result.  Good hunters always keep their weapons stored safely.  Own the non-assault weapons you choose.  Keep them stored safely.  But do not bring them into my (or anyone's) school!  It teaches the wrong things!  I understand we may not agree.  That's okay.  But you should know who I am, and that you are loved!

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