Wednesday, July 3, 2013

pre fourth

Another one of those days.  Grocery shop so I get my senior citizen discount.  Eat a nutritious breakfast of half a biscuit and two sausage patties at McDonald's.  Do a little yard work.  Brussels sprouts and Bratwurst for lunch.  Bike.  Die a little!  Meet with the lighting guy for Town Players.  Ask a friend to do a favor and of course he does!  Meet Sergei, the 120 pound Burmese mountain dog.  Come home.  Shower (thank god I finally got to that!), and head out to play bridge at the lake.  In the process, remember EVERYONE who made it possible for me to do these things.  Remember the events that make this country free--every day!  And give thanks that I am lucky enough to understand what the Fourth of July really means!  Yup--just another day--thank god!  Know you are loved!

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