Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday ponderings

Comfort.  It's what I want in my food!  It's what I want in my clothing and lack of shoes!  It's what I want in my friends.  It's that feeling I get when there's a little fat (okay, perhaps a lot) in my food, clothes to cover a little fat (probably more after the afore-mentioned food!), and friends who don't notice the fat at all!  All of this is precipitated by the biscuits that are in the oven and the sausage gravy that awaits devouring!  It's enjoyed by the elastic waist shorts, the loose shirt and absolutely nothing on my feet!  It's the fact that we are sharing it with family (both genetic and the kind we adopt) as an ending to a great visit and the start of a new week.  It's the realization that we are of an age where comfort is good!  Please notice, however, that I use the word comfort, not complacent!  I do not assume that we will eat this way often.  I do not assume that friendship is a state of taking and not giving in return.  I DO assume I will avoid situations where elastic waists and bare feet are not allowed!  I know how lucky I am, and how much I wish to stay lucky!  I will NOT take for granted how fortunate we are!  I will not for a minute believe it is what we deserve (I actually pray each morning I don't get what I deserve!).  Instead, I will revel in the joy that is ours in the moment.  I will attempt to live by a credo I was forced to write in one of THOSE in-service meetings (where the very best thing that ever happened was I learned to weave a basket--yes, there REALLY was a session in basket weaving!)--a personal mission statement.  Mine?  "I will attempt to add value to every circumstance I encounter." Now understand, I know my short-comings in meeting that mission, but at least it is there!  And finally, I will attempt to live the prayer--to add good to life, not evil.  Tall orders.  But achievable with effort.  As long as I don't get too comfortable!  Know you are loved!

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