Monday, July 8, 2013

to the shower

Fresh would NOT be the descriptor first to come to your olfactory senses!  Hygienic would NOT be the adjective first uttered upon ocular exercise.  I look like crap, and smell..well...not much better!  But it is the result of good things!  A run figures in.  25 dozen cookies figure in.  4 pans of fudge figure in.  225 individual frosted carrot cake bites figure in.  One freshly mowed yard figures in.  And of course, there is that age thing.  Today, I smell old!  The beauty of all this is, it's fixable.  A quick shower, a once over with the vegetable brush on my feet and knees, shampoo (okay, so it doesn't take nearly as much as it used to!) and a mighty strong anti-perspirant, and I'll be as good as gold.  Even the old will be hidden!  Sometimes we forget the little lovelies of life:  the joy of doing what's right for you; the pure excitement of a project that turns out; the knowledge that the yard always provides you with something to do.  I'm here!  I choose to do these things!  And I CAN!  For that--and for you--I am extremely thankful!  Know you are loved!

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