Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In the car

Trip number two to Minneapolis this month!  Presentation to the  National Network of Teachers of the Year.  For those of you in the loop, this is the organization to which I can belong because of my Miss America year (when I was the SD teacher of the year).   I presented early and then had to leave for home--appointment tomorrow and company Thursday.  Contrary to the Amazon temptress's suggestion, I opted not to wear the tiara and sash.  Hell, I didn't even wear pants for most of the speech, but that's a different story!  I can't begin to tell you about the energy in this group!  It was palpable.  These are indeed the movers and the shakers in the classrooms and schools across the country!  The opening presenter mentioned that energy and said she could count on one hand the times she had been in such a group!  That gave me pause.  I felt that way every time I was with the teachers with whom I taught!  I feel that way every time we go to retired teachers!  I feel that way every time we meet with friends!  Are we not all movers and shakers in our own right?  Don't get me wrong.  I would in no way diminish the group.  They are to be admired and appreciated.  (and missed, for they quickly become friends!)  But so too are the other people with whom I choose to associate.  So to the NNSTOY's, thanks for everything you do and for having me!  It was a hoot!  And to the rest of you, thanks for everything you do and for having me.  You are a hoot!  I'm just the luckiest man alive!  And you are loved!

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