Sunday, July 7, 2013

to the Asiatics

To me, there has always been something unbelievably special about Asiatic lilies.  Whether it's their color, their shape, or their ability to continue to be gorgeous year after year, I anxiously await their opening.  Of course, I never remember which is planted where, so every year is a surprise!  Maybe that's the allure of perennial gardening?  The ability to be amazed year after year and not to have to do much!  One year, we awoke to the sad sight of our front garden having been vandalized.  Some inebriate on his/her way home from the plethora of drinking emporiums on Broadway thought that we could find a better way to show our work than how we had configured it.  There were plants pulled by the roots and strewn across the driveway.  The good news is, they had rooted them.  After a few words that cannot be repeated here, I got the shovel and gingerly placed them back.  For some reason, they found their new location to be acceptable, and the next year, Voila, they grew and they bloomed.  Maybe it isn't about the optimal spot to live.  Maybe it isn't about the best conditions in which to grow.  Maybe it isn't about the fact there are Preparation H treatable individuals in this world.  Maybe the concept is, we should bloom where we are planted?!  And color of bloom, shape of bloom, and variety of bloom only add to the beauty!  So bloom, already, and know you are loved!

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