Monday, July 15, 2013

to Ireland

Sign in a bookstore in Nova Scotia--"Life is like a book.  If you don't travel, you're always on the same page."  To say we've been lucky is a humongous understatement!  We have seen parts of the world that most people just read about.  In fact, this August, we will be able to say we've been on six continents--and as close to the seventh as is humanly possible if you want to have earth beneath your feet!  Today we get to return to Ireland, if but for a few moments.  We (that would be Cath and her arm candy!) will do a travelogue at the church about last summer's expedition.  40 shades of green will once again glimmer.  The warmth of the people, the friends we made, the scones and brown soda bread--ah yes, I remember it well!  I also know this to be true.  The destinations are exciting.  The journeys, if not stellar, are something to talk about.  But the people with whom we have chosen to that's what life's about!  The connections, and the reconnection's!  The intertwining of hopes and dreams with reality.  The realization that we are the sum of our choices, and the most important of those are our loves and our friends.  They make the journey worthwhile!  So, here's my Monday toast:  May you always find new pages, whether epic or close to home, and may you realize that wherever you are, you are loved!

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