Thursday, July 18, 2013

ode to the warts

I'm not what you would call comely.
Average if you were kind.
I'm classified as quick witted
But not amazing of mind.

Mechanically challenged?  You got it!
Motor head?  Decidedly not.
An actor if you're not too picky
But cookin'? Now that I do got!

Addition, subtraction?  Amazing!
Division and times it I can
Geometry, algebra, that stuff?
I'm definitely not your man!

Power tools are an anathema
I'm dangerous to a degree
A hammer, screwdriver, and level?
How crooked can real crooked be?

From youth, weight and I we have struggled
I'm thinnish (for me) on this day
But looking at breads and at pastas
Won't let me remain in this way!

But none of us really is perfect
All of us truly unique
It's problems and struggles that make us
The people that others do seek.

So here's what I am truly proposing
The ball? It is now in your courts.
I'll love you support you protect you
If you'll kindly ignore all my warts!

Some days, the savant rhymer in me must be unleashed!  Know you are loved!

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