Tuesday, July 9, 2013

to the cities

There are still a few things that scare me.  I can deal with spiders.  I don't like them, but I can deal.  Just not bare handed!  I need a weapon!  I no longer have dreams that I've gone to school to teach, naked as a jay bird, and have to cover up with available objects.  Used to scare me, even though it was no big deal--ANY object would do!  Idiots behind the wheel of a car doing something other than driving worry me, but if I am vigilant, I can usually avoid them.  But my sister?  Well, today she scares me.  Tomorrow morning she goes into Abbot Northwestern to be re-circuited!  She has suffered from a-fib for quite some time.  Medicine has not worked.  Shock has not worked.  So they're going to open her up and redirect things!  They've done the surgery frequently.  They're one of the best heart hospitals in the world.  But she's MY sister, and while in my heart of hearts I believe she will come through this with flying colors, I'm still scared.  You have to know Linda.  First and foremost, she owes my $4.95 for leaving the hall light on when we were children.  I believe with interest (and the fact that we're both old coots), that is now somewhere near a million dollars!  I can't tell you the number of times she wished she could crawl in a hole and die because I had embarrassed her.  But she didn't.  Her life was not always a story-book theme.  She had her share of disappointments and disasters--hell--she had my share too.  But she survived.  She raised three amazing, loving children, of whom we are both proud.  She has taught, retired, and taught again--much to the luck of the children (and their parents) in Ipswich for a myriad of years.  She was a GREAT teacher.  She made education real.  She is one of the best writers I know.  Her sense of humor is amazing.  (I did learn one Easter, however, that I should never smirk!  Come to think of it, everyone in Willmar knows that I should not smirk!)  We used to hit each other.  We used to swear at each other.  (On occasion, she probably still does!)  But the bond between us is much thicker than the genes we share.  I admire her immensely.  I love her.  And therefore, this scares me.  Thankfully, we will be there when the process starts, and will always be with her when she's recuperating and in sinus rhythm.  after all, she is MY sister!  And she, like you, is loved!

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