Friday, September 6, 2013


The thermometer on the dash says 92.  My stomach says Hu-Hot was a good choice for lunch.  In the back, riding peacefully, are 102 rolls of toilet paper, 36 rolls of paper towels, varietal dog products, and 50 pounds of sugar!  You gotta love Sam's club.  Of course  one of the major impeti of the trip was the Crystal sugar.  To my knowledge, I can't get the ten pound bags in least for under $5.00 a bag.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  And Crystal sugar is what I need to make fudge.  Okay, maybe "need" is an over statement.   But it's my sugar of choice.  And that brings us to...
Fudge!  Lord how I wish I had kept track of the pounds of fudge that have left our house.  And it's all Adeline's fault!  Understand, when I was getting older (I still am forbidden to allude to the process as "growing up") Miss Lucille used to make GREAT fudge at Christmas.  So, my first year at Watertown Junior High, I decided to try my hand at making the sweet treat.  I took some to school, and Adeline, the custodian, thought it was good enough to have me make some for her.  I did.  Then she wondered about different favors, so little Billy started experimenting.  And of course, if it is made, it must be eaten!  Enter the concept of sharing.  And it just grew from there. I started the speaking thing, and the fudge just fit in.  Then there were the auctions, and people liked it.  The great thing is, I love to make it!  New flavors are a challenge, and what better way to share the love?  So...while the paper products are necessary, and the dog treats will be appreciated, the sugar will allow me in yet another way to tell you you are loved!

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  1. Keep that fudge coming! I love that you experiment with flavors, but most of all, I appreciate (greatly) that you willingly share your marvelous gift. Thanks Adeline and bz!