Wednesday, September 11, 2013

to experimentation

It's in the oven.  That would be the vegetarian lasagna we are trying out for a dinner we're cooking.  Got the recipe from the net.  Didn't follow it exactly.  SURPRISE!  Hedged my bets.  Invited the neighbor over for lunch in case we needed to get rid of it!  Don't tell her that!  20 years ago, if you had told me that I would be cooking vegetarian lasagna, I would have frowned, called you names under my breath, scoffed, and walked away.  I mean, really?  Spinach?  Artichoke hearts?  Alfredo sauce?  Vegetable broth?  I DON'T think so.  Amazing how things have a tendency to change.  What then would have sounded gross now sounds kind of appealing.  Truly makes me realize how important it is to be open to those changes.  As I age, I have a tendency to rely on the old favorites.  Love those situation comedies.  Revel in meat and potatoes.  Still think running is god's punishment for leading a bad life.  In other words, if it ain't broke....  However, I've also realized that if I don't try something new, I'll always be the same.  And while, as you know, I'm okay with who I am, I'm not done yet!  Don't be sticking no fork in me!  I'm ready for that new experience.  I'm willing to try anything that isn't extremely life threatening.  (Have I told you about my desire to parachute?)  I'm even open to the fact that meatless main dishes have their place!  While the breath continues to go in and out, the heart continues to pump, and the brain continues to function (on occasion), experimentation is the rule of the day.  And if something doesn't turn out...we have lots of neighbors!  Try something new today and know you are loved!

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