Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Magic Moments

Here are two things you might not remember.  The first?  The song "Magic Moments".  It was written by Burt Bacharach with lyrics by Hal David (okay, I had to look it up!).  The second?  Perry Como!  1957.  And for each of you who is saying, "Who the heck was Perry Como?", thank you.  It means that I actually have some readers under the age of 50!  I don't know why, but as I was lying on the couch last night, I started humming the tune and then I thought, "Heck.  I've had a few of those!"  Okay, I've actually had a lot of those!  Let the games begin (since sleep wouldn't!)  My top five magic moments (chronologically speaking!)
#1--Junior in high school--walking into the wrong room and discovering debate!  What an impact that mistake has had on my life!  It gave me direction.  It gave me an outlet.  It gave me the ability to think on my feet and find quick responses to questions asked. 
#2--Senior year in college--my first day of student teaching.  We've talked about this before!  Hooked.  I love what I have done professionally since that day!
#3--March 23, 1973...August 11, 1973...every day since.  March--Cathy said "yes"!  August--Cathy said "I do"!  Every day since--I am the luckiest person alive.  The most important decision we ever make is with whom we choose to share our lives!  This truly was magic!
#4--2000--South Dakota Teacher of the Year (also referred to as my year as Miss America!)  The people!  The events!  The life-changing relationships!  It was from this that I started motivationally speaking.  And I can't put into words the people that it brought into my life!  While the sash has been retired, the benefits continue
#5--South Pacific!  And I'm not talking about our two trips to Hawaii.  I speak of Rogers and Hammerstein.  I speak of Lincoln Center.  I speak of two of our favorite people in the whole wide world who made it possible.  I speak to that little boy who finds wonder in the magic that is theatre.  As I write this, it still brings tears to my eyes!  Front row!  Mother of Lieutenant Cable sitting next to me.  In a word..."WOW!"
This was very hard to do.  As I played the game, I realized how blessed...how lucky...how amazing my life has been.  I have avoided listing those people (sans my bride) who have made my life magical!  Hopefully, you know who you are!  I have avoided familial things.  I have focused on five.  I could have chosen 500!  But there are rules to how the game should be played.  And it's your turn.  Name five (and should you want to include the fact that you are loved, you need not list it.  You know it!)

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