Thursday, September 19, 2013

Everyday kinds of things...

It's clean the house day!  We haven't had a real one of those since coming back from Africa.  Ergo, it was time.  Started in the front porch.  We have the world's most amazing floor in there.  You CANNOT see anything on it.  Great for cleaning.  No one will know if I missed a spot!  It's also that time of year.  The recliners which for the summer have faced the south, now face north.  It's a reality weather check.  Inexorably, fall and winter will arrive.  The chairs tell it all!  From there, it's into the man cave!  Have I mentioned our two 15-year-old dogs....lately?  Well, even though they don't have a Y chromosome, it is their domicile.  So, as they sleep on their beds, I have to pick the bed up and move it to clean.  One of them didn't even wake up.  It also means that there is a lot of Febreeze used.  15-year-old dogs actually smell worse than 63-year-old men!  So I turn the tv to 924 (appropriately, the oldies) and rock through the room! 
Onward to the bathroom.  This is "my" bathroom.  Enough said.  It needed cleaning.  It got it.  The summer curtains are now fall leaves, and the porcelain throne gleams in the afternoon light!  Of course, this means that until our company leaves tomorrow night, I have to go somewhere else to pee, but it's a small sacrifice to pay!  That leaves the back porch and kitchen.  Refer to the old dogs.  Because they really have no in/out schedule, and because it's easier on old people, we usually leave the door open for them so they can go out when they want.  (I know, I know.  There are doggie doors.  But we have glass doors, and there is that thing about old dogs and new tricks...)  That means the flies can come in when they want as well.  I don't get it.  They come in but they don't go out?  Hmmmm.  We must be more hospitable than I imagined.  Anyhow, I sweep up the dead flies (I'm truly lethal with the swatter) and wash the floor.  Did I mention the old dogs?  They like to be where I am sometimes--especially when I wash the floor.  Ah well.  Dog prints make an amazing pattern on the tile!  That leaves the kitchen.  Now, I will tell you, when I'm cleaning, the house has a tendency to throw up into the kitchen.  Everything that doesn't belong anywhere else ends up there.  The counter is full.  The sink is full.  The floor is full.  And I'm in the basement, blogging!  I am definitely a PRO when it comes to cleaning.  By the way, the rest of that word is CRASTINATOR!  It'll be there!
Oops, it's now supper time.  (that would be senior supper time--anytime after 4:00 pm).  I suppose I should finish the kitchen so we can eat.  And if this isn't more than you wanted to know about my day, you're a good sport!  Know you are loved!

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  1. YEAH! Another PROCRASTINATOR! Either there aren't many of us OR not many admit to it. I could relate to your post. Thanks for being human and admitting it.