Thursday, September 12, 2013

random questions

Does anything taste as good as a tomato fresh from the vine? 

Is it possible when volunteering that you actually get more than you give?

Don't old people rock?

Isn't it great to live in a place where you can turn around and not run into someone?

How lucky is it that I chose well in love?

Do you ever get over losing your parents?

How can the clothes chute fill so quickly when I don't change clothes that often?

Does anyone else turn the sprinkler on and forget it...overnight?

Would I sleep better if I put my I-Pad away earlier?

What's your favorite food?

Can Meatloaf sing?

Why does the bobbin on the sewing machine always run out before the project is done?

Why would a man know anything about a sewing machine?

Is this still my first childhood, and if so, will puberty be hard on me?

Isn't it amazing what a lack of sleep can do to a normally semi-sane blogger?

Who loves ya, baby?

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