Saturday, September 14, 2013

to the ladies who are fighting

Two special friends have been diagnosed with stage four cancer in the last month.  Each is a retired teacher.  Each is an amazing woman.  Surprisingly enough, their names with one exception are the same.  One ends with an E.  One ends with an A. 
E and I go way back.  The times we have spent working for our common cause have built a bond that can't be broken.  Her amazing attitude and willingness to serve are brilliant role models for all people.  A quick laugh.  A beautiful smile.  A growing aptitude for computer generated work.  And the best recipe for caramel pull-aparts I have ever found and/or made.  Common sense is her north star, and supporting her friends her mantra.  And now, literally, a fight for her life.  You continue to amaze and humble me, E!
A is a recent addition to our family of friends.  With the most beautiful of smiles, she unstintingly gives of her time and herself for a variety of folk, but especially, for the state organization of retired teachers.  She has served as the editor of the newsletter (oh my god, can you possibly give any more than that?) and now as our executive secretary (an unpaid and under-complimented position!).  To know her is to marvel at her ability and revel in her love for life.  Another amazing and humbling woman.
A & E battle the big C.  They do it with class.  They do it with fervor.  They do it because we, their friends, are not done with them!  Whether you believe in prayer or not, I would ask you to do two things:  1) LIVE and GIVE to those around you, as A and E do.  2)  Keep good thoughts and positive vibes for these two wonderful women.
I am a better person because of the two of you.  The English teacher in me and only put it this way:  A and E...I O U!  Know how much you all are loved!

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