Tuesday, September 10, 2013

to livin' large

For those of you who live your life ignorant of the important celebrations in life (or those of you under the age of 60), it's national assisted living week, and little billy is speaking at one of our facilities!  It's been an interesting journey to the speech topic, but here it is..."How to grow old without getting old!"  Once the topic took root, the delineation became problematic.  Growing old is inevitable and desired, since the only way one doesn't grow old is to die young!  And 20 years ago one of my students told me I should be happy because I could no longer do that!  20 years!  I suggested if she didn't change her attitude, she might...but it was an idle threat, I'm sure!  Surprisingly, I digress.  We can most definitely try not to get old!  I'm always looking for a hook--something on which to hang my ideas.  It became live Large (abbreviated LGE).  First, I will share with them the health and psychological benefits of Laughter.  Two recent studies suggest humor makes you smarter (!) and laughter decreases the likelihood of heart attack and stroke.  Something about expanding the endothelium!  The most recent issue of the AARP magazine addresses the fact that exercise can reduce dementia and the onset of Alzheimer's.  By 60%!  I will tell them they need to Get up and Get Going.  Hopefully, they will join me in a little rhythmic exercise.  Hey, they're in a Catholic home.  If they don't have rhythm, who does?  Finally, I will encourage them to Enrich the lives of those around them by being a force of good.  No matter how old we get, there is always something positive we have to offer.  Of course, I will tell them also that they need to make their own lives better by Eating Fudge!  But that's a given!  So there you have it.  The way to grow old but not get old, in a nutshell!  Hopefully, when I'm done, they won't have determined I should move in with them!  So get out there and live large, and know you are loved!

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