Thursday, September 26, 2013

to the vet

We have these two amazing dogs.  They were 15 in March.  They are litter mates.  15 years ago, one of our two dogs died.  Since we were still working, we didn't think it fair to leave the remaining dog alone, so went to the shelter to get her a pet!  Well, there were these two puppies--a white one and a black one (to this day, based on their size, shape, and temperament, we believe their mother was a slut and they had different fathers, but that's a little too risque to speak of in this environment!  So I won't!  Any more!  Soon!)  Cath picked up the black one.  I picked up the white one.  What were we to do.  The only obvious answer was to take them both, so we did!  They fit in the palm of our hands.  Over the past 15 years they have provided endless entertainment (granted, they are still on probation and if they misbehave we will take them back to the shelter!), some frustration, a continual financial drain (one has no digestive enzymes so has been on a food additive for the last 10 years!  The other has leg problems so gets acupuncture and trips to the vet!) but who cares?, and an endless supply of love and affection.  It is amazing how 8 legs can fill the house, but when they are clipped, it's awfully quiet and pretty strange around here!  Their sister died a couple years ago at the young age of 19, and they went from our young puppies to our old puppies.  They are both 99.9% deaf.  Their vision isn't what it used to be, although the black one did suggest to the dog across the road this morning that it had no business to be on our street!  It was exciting to know she could see that far!  Lambchop (she would be the white one) was pretty much unable to move either back leg this morning, so it's off to the vet again.  The problem is, I don't know how many more times we will be able to bring her home.  We thoroughly believe that no animal should suffer needlessly.  If nothing can be done to ease their burdens, we have pledged to do the humane thing.  It is a sacred trust that every pet owner accepts when deciding to open their home to any critter!  I know that.  I comprehend that.  I believe that.  But when the time comes, it will not make the decision any easier.  Hopefully, today is not that day!  If you have a pet, give them a little extra love today.  If you don't, give someone for whom a care a little extra love today.  And always know, you can give a little away, because there is always love coming in to you from me!

Post script.  After a shot and some medicine, she's home again and ready to face whatever may come.  And with thanks, so are we!

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