Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I have determined, carbohydrates are a gift from god!  Is it at all possible to fix potatoes in a way that they don't taste good?  Can bread really be bad for you?  Even the fresh-baked, just out of the oven kind that's sitting on our counter for the dinner tonight (less a butt end slathered with enough butter to choke a horse)?  And now, Uffda Chips!  They are little bits of heaven made by deep frying lefse.  And then salted!  For the unindoctrinated,  lefse is a Scandinavian treat made by adding butter, cream. sugar, salt and flour to mashed potatoes and then rolling them thin and frying them on a grill.  They are, of course, slathered with butter when eaten (and as every Norwegian I know shudders and crosses their eyes, a little sprinkle of sugar before rolling doesn't hurt!).  Now deep fat fry the result...Ah...did you hear it?  Another artery just closed!  Oh how I envy those of you who do not hear the siren call of the carb!  How lucky to not be tempted by potato chips, french fries, tater tots, twice baked potatoes, toast with peanut butter, sourdough anything, pie, cake, cookies...lord, I just gained five pounds.  For me, there is a direct link from any carp to the pleasure center of my brain.  Oh, I do refrain.  I only eat potatoes prepared in fat one week a year.  I limit my intake of bread.  I eat Atkin's candy bars (okay, 1/2 a candy bar--1 total carb!) instead of dessert.  But on those rare occasions when that stubborn streak recedes, the flesh is weak, and the mind is willing, I splurge.  In fact, I believe there is another butt end calling me right now!  May all your problems be this trivial, and may you rest assured, always, that you are loved!

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