Wednesday, September 4, 2013

to the next season

So...we're on our bikes, heading north on Broadway, when my olfactory sense sends a message to the part of my brain that's still working (god forbid it gets overloaded!);  autumn!  Granted, the temp is supposed to get to 90 for the next three days. But there was that distinct leaf smell that says change is on the way.  Oh, and football starts tomorrow night.  Whee!  (For those of you who don't really know me, the sarcasm in that "whee" was as great as you can imagine.  All I can say is I'm happy for my espoused and all my friends who enjoy the sport.)  There was a time when the end of a season marked direct changes in my life.  The end of summer meant back to work.  The end of autumn meant Christmas season.  The end of winter meant more winter, and the end of spring (that elusive little devil) meant school was out.  Now, amazingly enough, they all just pass.  Yeah, it's hot.  Yeah, it's cold.  But little changes in world.  Shorts become sweatpants.  Bare feet put on socks and shoes.  Bring out the sweatshirt.  Or go visit someone who is smart enough to be where it is warm!  One day follows another, and each in its own way provides a reason to celebrate, a reason to bitch, and a reason to reflect.  The trick is to spend the majority of my time on A and C!  B is kind of a useless waste of breath, and I really hate to miss any of that!  Perhaps it's the onset of my 64th year.  Perhaps it's the realization that my 45th class reunion is next week.  Perhaps it's the hips, the knees, the other varietal joints.  Or perhaps, it's just as time has passed, I've discovered it really doesn't matter what the temperature is, what the season is, or what foolishness we have embroiled ourselves in, EVERY day is amazing!  So bring it on.  Fall, leaves.  You'll be back next spring.  Fall, snow.  You'll be gone next summer.  Bloom tulips.  No matter how hard I have worked to kill you off, every spring you return!  And grow, zucchini.  I will find SOMEONE who wants you!  In short, the next season will be the best it can be.  I will embrace it.  I will cherish it, as I do you!  Know you are loved!

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